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    Is that really Scott in them very small pants? 😉

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  2. bearofwar:

    I’m making my own Captain Jack Harkness cosplay outfit after a few friends especially my bestie inspired me to do so. All of the items have been bought in non BBC stores or given to me second hand. Although I’m considering getting the official coat. And more accurate items but for now I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished.

    I quite like that coat 😄

  4. super-hanni-00q-stark-john-lock:

    Walt Disney’s touching tribute to Robin Williams. You brought so much happiness and laughter to so many, you will be sorely missed. 

    Rest in peace Robin, you are free

  5. cedricdigory:

    Harry Potter Meme » Four Locations [2/4]


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  7. sophiacharlotte13 asked: daryl/beth or glenn/maggie?

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  8. Reblog if you want questions, no matter how personal

  9. the-real-actual-doctor:

    im a loser and I spent half an hour using mspaint for this.

    Please excuse my terrible handwriting as well.

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