So, this is Team Torchwood. The teacher’s pets. But teacher’s gone, hasn’t he? Leaving the kiddie kids all alone. And look at you, trying so hard to be all grown up.

Anonymous asked
I got really bad stretch marks on my bum when I was a teenager, my bum just seemed to explode >.> but it's been 5/6 years now, which is quite a long time, and they've faded to almost non-existence. Don't quote me on it, (go look it up) but I remember something about getting some sun to your skin can help fade them a little/make them less noticeable, but only a healthy amount of sunlight, rather than uv beds every other day. Hope it helps x

Aww thank you, I think I have heard that actually… Will have to give it a try nearer to the summer (if we get some sun) and hopefully it will work x

Grr how do you get rid of stretch marks?

I have them everywhere, it bloody sucks and making me hate my own body